IMG_0667V2lowresHello, my name is Kaia Bisnar.  I feel grateful to be in a place to support health and healing to others. Through Reiki training, deep compassion, and years of dedication to my own inner work process, I provide each of my clients with a sincere and compassionate experience. From a place of non-judgment and acceptance, I create the space that allows you to enhance healing and to support your spiritual growth and development.

I became interested in energy work from a young age and knew I wanted to choose a profession where I could be of service to others.  I feel one of my greatest contributions to helping others is my compassion.  Going through my own inner process gave me the inspiration and passion to help others who are working through their own challenges.

When I first began my inner work, I came upon this quote, “When your inner world comes into order, your outer world will come into order.”  The more I discover, the more I have come to see and appreciate how the conditions of our outer life reflect our internal state.  As we begin to heal ourselves internally, we bring change and healing to our outer world as well.

Inner work and the healing process require courage, support, and dedication. However the rewards of getting in touch with and coming to appreciate who we truly are within, is priceless.

In addition to being a practitioner of the healing arts, I also enjoy art (painting and drawing), creative writing, traveling, nature, and helping animals.